I am not as young as I once was.

I am not as wise or mature as I hope to be.

I am learning and growing each day in every season of life.

My blog will follow these seasons as a wife, work-at-home mom, & follower of Jesus.


I have 3 precious children – 2 boys and a girl.

My life is beautiful chaos right now.

I’m juggling the responsibility of staying home with my kids, maintaining a somewhat peaceful home life, and still putting in hours of work each week to contribute towards our family budget.

We made this transition as a family when our sweet girl was born and I left my full-time corporate job to answer God’s call to have me stay home with our kids.


My vision over the last year as I have stayed home is rooted in the word “bloom”.

Bloom is a beautiful word that can be a verb OR a noun.

As a verb, it is a quiet call to action – it means “to thrive or flourish; to be in or achieve a state of healthful beauty or vigor; to produce or yield blossoms”.

As a noun, it means “the time or period of greatest beauty, artistry, etc.”

This word has enchanted me for the past year because I certainly have not felt like I was in “the time of greatest beauty” yet it’s a longing deep in my soul.

I wrote about this theme and season of life in an article for The Joyful Life Magazine. If you would like some beautiful heart & home inspiration, please check it out!


I have found that in this new season of life, God is growing me.

He is doing more in me than I ever imagined possible and I have fallen even more in love with Him.

He has traded my sense of tangible, external beauty for a new kind of beauty that has awakened within me.

I truly feel that I am blooming (note the verb tense here…I am in the process of blooming…) and He has called me to write.

I am answering that call and here to serve you, dear one. I humbly offer you what I have in the hopes it will encourage and inspire you to “bloom” in whatever season of life you may be in right now.



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